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These 4 Energy Stocks Just Keep Hitting New Highs

While the formerly hot components of NASDAQ

-100 and the formerly hot major cryptocurrency continue to trend downward, there is one big stock sector can’t seem to stop going up in price.

Energy equities are outperforming just about anything lately with some big old “oil and exploration” names making the new highs list almost daily. Just take a look at the up trends on these price charts:


The monster oil and gas integrated company based in the United Kingdom is on a serious tear here. You could have purchased shares in October, 2021 for 38 or 39 and now it trades 60.36 for a 53% gain 7 months of calendar time. Shell, even at these much higher price levels, remains a type of value stock with a meagre price-earnings ratio of 10.82 and a price to book ratio of just 1.30. Oh, and investors are being paid a dividend of 3.21%.

Crescent Point Energy.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, this oil and gas exploration outfit is trading at a 25% discount to its book value. The price-earnings ratio is an embarrassingly low 1.40 with a forward p/e of just 4.20. It’s a classic Benjamin Graham value stock. Crescent Energy trades on both the New York Stock Exchange and on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Investors receive a dividend yield of 3.08%.

Chesapeake Energy


The huge oil and gas exploration company trades on the NASDAQ with a price-earnings ratio of, well, 0 because there are no earnings this year. That hasn’t stopped investors who’ve been busy buying up shares and taking Chesapeake from 55 in December, 2021 to its present price of 99.25. That’s an 80% gain in 6 months. If you own shares, you pick up a 2.02% dividend.

Suncor Energy


This oil and gas integrated company traded in September, 2021 at 18 and now goes for 39.40 for a 116% gain over about 8 months. Suncor is based in Calgary, Alberta. It trades on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange. Suncor’s price-earnings ratio is 11.75 and it trades at 1.89x book. They pay investors a 3.67 dividend.


Energy Select SPDR Fund.

This is the benchmark exchange traded fund for the sector showing how well prices have been moving for energy stocks.

It’s a good practice to compare the movement of these equities and this ETF to the price movement ofNASDAQ-100 components such as Facebook, Netflix

, Apple

, Microso

ft and to the crypto-related stocks like MicroStrategy

and Coin Base. If you want a decent reality check, that is.

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