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The Best Golf Push Carts To Keep Your Clubs Rolling Along

The best golf push carts can help you split the difference between an exhausting round and a lazy trip across the links. Golf can be played like a game or as a sport. If you hop an electric or gas-powered cart and ride your way through 18 holes, that makes the 500-year-old activity into a game, saving you some exertion. And if you walk the course with your clubs across your shoulders, that’s combining a five to 10-mile hike with about 30 pounds on your back (and swinging 80 to 90 times for most amateurs). But a golf push cart wheels in to allow you to walk your golf round without requiring you to carry your clubs. For many, the subtraction of that sweaty brand of lugging is the difference between an enjoyable run of golf and too strenuous an afternoon.

Golf carts for hand use can be pushed or pulled, though most designs call for the former. They show up for duty in two- or three-wheeled designs, while most fold up for easier transport before and after the round. In general terms, the more features and abilities the cart includes, the more it costs. But because golfers of all abilities will occupy the links at any given time (especially as the weather improves), push carts can be found in a dizzying array of styles and price points, one of which will cater to your needs.

Below, we’ve rounded up a topnotch collection of the best golf push carts in every category. While the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1R took home first place, we’ve also highlighted a cart for the budget-minded golfer (the Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Cart), another for those that prefer two wheels to three (the Kaddey Switch Cart) and even a lightweight cart that sheds unwanted ounces (the Golfstream Express Push Cart). Find the model that meets your needs and enjoy the game like never before.

Is It Better To Push Or Pull A Cart?

Whether you should push or pull a golf cart depends on several factors, including personal preference, the design of the cart and the terrain. Pushing a golf cart promotes control, visibility and weight distribution, while pulling a golf cart improves ergonomics, maneuverability and assistance should you need to pull a heavier load.

Ultimately, the best approach depends on your personal preferences, the specific cart design and the conditions you encounter. Some golf carts are designed to be pushed, like those on this list, while others have handles intended for pulling.

What Is A Power Cart For Golf?

A power cart is designed to autonomously track any golfer as they move around the course, carrying their clubs and equipment to make the round more enjoyable. Power carts typically utilize advanced technologies such as GPS and sensors to navigate the course, and they can adjust their speed and direction based on your movements. Some models even incorporate artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize their path planning and obstacle avoidance capabilities.

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