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I’ve Suddenly Been Getting Way More Political Texts Since Signing Up For Donald Trump’s Truth Social App

The first mistake was handing over my cell phone number.

The second was downloading the app in the first place.

In recent months, text messages have been arriving quite often, usually with a plea to support a candidate or send money.

I rarely if ever receive any political texts at all. What changed?

I can’t prove this, and maybe it is a great coincidence or something related to buying cell phone numbers, but here’s what I do know: Since signing up for the Truth Social app, I’ve been receiving way more political texts. Also, they are all from Trump-aligned Republicans. Before this? Nada. I have literally never received any texts from any candidate. My theory is that there’s a connection (emphasis on the word theory).

I don’t give out my number too often, unless it’s for an app that requires authentication. What used to be a good safety measure might be a ploy to create a name acquisition database, which in turn might be the real purpose behind Trump’s social media app. Whether he chooses to run for office again or not, he is deeply involved in conservative politics and so are his kids.

If it’s true, this could be a sneaky maneuver that belongs in the campaign history books.

I can imagine what the conversation was like when making the app.

Let’s say a computer security consultant is brought into a room with political operatives. He or she explains that authenticating users is critically important, because it means you can’t register for an account and stay completely anonymous (which might sound familiar if you have ever used Twitter). On Truth Social, someone could create a fictitious email address and a fake name, but at some point, you have to prove who you are with a verification code. It’s not hard to create a new Google Voice number and find a workaround, but most people won’t bother doing that.

The operatives would then suddenly realize the implications. Registering for an app provides a clear path for political promotion during the voting season.

Sneaky, indeed.

Now, we do know that Truth Social has a database of cell phone numbers somewhere. Perhaps they claim not to store those, but I have not come across that disclaimer yet. All I know is I gave out my number for authentication purposes and now get a ton of political texts.

Again, it’s probably a coincidence that as soon as I signed up for the app and handed over my cell phone that conservatives started text-spamming me. Probably.

Yet, what if the app is all a ruse to help candidates get elected?

I don’t particularly like the Truth Social app, and rarely use it on a daily basis for my own purposes. I hope what I am suggesting isn’t true, because no one ever stated during the registration process that this authentication would be used for political campaigns. If it is being used that way, it’s just plain wrong, because none of us were told that’s the intent of the app.

If you have any similar theories about the Truth Social app, or have some way to verify that there’s now a database of users all receiving political texts now, be sure to contact me on Twitter and share what you know.

It’s at least a curious coincidence that I’d like to explore more.