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Google Pixel Watch Prototype Reportedly Found In Restaurant

According to a report from Android Central, a prototype of the rumored Google Pixel Watch was found in a restaurant. The leaked images of the device, which can be seen here, look very similar to previously leaked renders of the coming smartwatch. A previous version of this story reported that the device was found in a restaurant in the Bay Area, but @tagtech414 identified himself to be person who found the watch and quickly offered a correction that he found it in Chicago.

The device has been dubbed “Rohan,” with 9to5Google finding source code within a Google update showing the device may be using a Samsung Exynos chip. The prototype features a circular watch face, with two physical buttons adjacent to a rotating crown, very similar to the one found on the Apple Watch. There is minimal bezel found around the front display, with what appears to be a microphone hole or other sensor found near the crown. The microphone would make sense for the device, as it is rumored the watch contains Google Assistant.

If a restaurant device leak sounds like deja vu, you are not mistaken. Infamously, an Apple software engineer left an iPhone 4 prototype at a Bay Area bar in 2010. The prototype was eventually obtained by tech blog Gizmodo, which published photos of the device and broke it down. It also eventually involved law enforcement and a ban on Gizmodo attending iPhone launch events.

It appears the watch will require wearers to use proprietary bands, which look very similar to the ones used on Fitbit’s other smartwatch models, the Versa 3 and the Sense. With a lack of charging port, it also appears that the device will charge from the back, much like the Apple Watch is charged.

While the leaked device photos make the bottom look metallic, the individual said it actually feels like the bottom is “coated with glass.” No updates can be reported on the software end because the device did not power on past the boot logo.

The leak comes weeks before Google’s annual I/O developers’ conference, which is when the device is expected to be released. The company recently filed a new trademark for the name “Pixel Watch.”