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Buying Enbridge Today For Dividend Tomorrow Plus Call Option Premium Kicker

Calgary, Alberta-based Enbridge (ENB) trades ex-dividend tomorrow, August 12. This means that shareholders who own the stock through today’s close will earn the dividend of $0.6732 per share from the company which lists on both the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange. Just ahead of the ex-dividend date, a buy write on the ENB as outlined below looks attractive today.

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Enbridge (ENB) – Buy Write

Buy 100 ENB

Sell to Open 1 September 16 $45 Call

Execute for Net Debit of $43.75 or lower

Calgary, Alberta-based oil and gas distribution giant Enbridge (ENB) expects revenue this year to grow 9.7% to $40.6 billion and earnings to increase 6.4% to $2.29 per share. The next earnings report is not until the first week of November.

Enbridge has an enviable dividend history with a track record of rising payouts going back to the 1980s. There is an ex-dividend date tomorrow, meaning that today is the last trading day to buy the stock and still earn the dividend of more than $0.67 per share. We can earn at least another $0.45 selling $45 call options that expire in 36 days.

Here is the buy write: Buy 100 ENB ($44.18 current price), and sell to open one contract of ENB’s $45 September 16 calls for a net debit of $43.75 or lower.

For the buy write, if ENB closes above $45.00 on September 16, these calls will be assigned which means we would be compelled to sell our shares at $45.00. If we earn tomorrow’s dividend, this would result in a profit of $1.92 per share on $43.75 per share risked today for a total return of 4.39%. Over a period of 36 days, the annualized return would be 44.5%. If ENB closes at or below $45.00 on September 16, we would still own it at a cost basis of $43.08 per share, reflecting the benefit of tomorrow’s dividend.

Options income for this trade: We earn $45 selling 1 ENB September 16 $45.00 call contract. Click here for updated bid-ask and return characteristics.

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