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Angel Delight makes MAJOR comeback after receiving a modern makeover

SEVENTIES favourite Angel Delight is pudding on the style — and making a comeback.

A modern-day makeover has seen the mousse-like dessert, sold as a dry sachet, relaunched in a single serve pot as first reported last year.

Retro pudding Angel Delight was a family favourite in the 1970’s but saw their sales slump in recent years

Now its manufactuers have seen a rise in the amount of people eating the retro pud.

Gavin Darby, boss of makers Premier Foods, told the Sun yesterday: “Angel Delight sales have risen 30 per cent in the past six months because it now comes ready-to-use in pots.”

The famous pudding was first sold by the Bird’s company back in 1967 with a strawberries-and-cream flavour.

It became a huge family favourite throughout the 1970s, with the market for instant desserts doubling, before falling out of favour. The new pots, selling from 50p to 60p, come in strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate and banana versions.

Traditional powder sachets, with their “just add milk” instruction, continue to be available.

Angel Delight have been sent the sales soar since introducing their modern individual pots


Fan Sundeep Tucker, 46, said: “The pots bring back happy memories as I remember Angel Delight fondly from my childhood.

“My daughter really enjoys the new range too. They are a great treat on the move as well.”

Premier Foods, who also own Mr Kipling cakes and Oxo stock cubes, said sales for the last three months of the year rose four per cent to £261.4million after a “great Christmas” saw it sell 220million mince pies.

Mr Darby predicted likely best-sellers this year would include gluten-free Bisto gravy.