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Amazon.com’s Flexpwr Wants To Power Short-Form TV, Film And Video Commercials Seen By Fans

Andrew Yang has a modest dream. “Flexpwr wants to power every single business that wants to bring the next generation of shopping experiences to consumers,” he said. “That’s how we decided to be the infrastructure and power Live Rocket and all the shopping events it’s doing. I was definitely surprised that it was so successful. I remember when they told me that it was becoming the largest live shopping event ever. I was very shocked at how powerful the format is.”

Here are some stats that underscore Yang’s optimism: “80% of customers are watching the live streams from their mobile phones. People are very engaged with this new format built around live shopping,” Yang explained. “Pretty much every single product sold out right away. That’s way better compared to the traditional kind of web site and the traditional ecommerce experience.

“The consumer is very engaged, and people are spending almost 5 to 7 minutes on the site to watch the show, where traditionally, it was less than 40-seconds spent on a web site,” Lori said. “Now they’re spending 10-times as much time as reported in the results. When I look at why, the first answer is interactivity. Consumers can ask questions and they can spend a long period of time shopping the web site.

“It surpassed the numbers of Amazon’s
Prime Day, which is pretty amazing,” Yang said. “The peak time for Amazon live shopping was 7,000 or 9,000 shoppers and Live Rocket’s was 37,000 during the day. The average basket spend was about $135. This is something that’s very surprising to all of us. Mercado has very nice things. If you look at the product, I’m in front of the computer and it says there’s 84 million seconds of live shopping